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Alberta, Canada
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Scott Storey is an artist who strives to capture the natural beauty of the Canadian landscape in his artwork.


His inspiration comes from the immense landscapes and unending natural wonders of the North. Whether it's a majestic mountain range or a tranquil forest, Scott hopes to evoke the same sense of wonder and appreciation in viewers of his work that he feels every time he sets foot in this special place.

After starting out in a trade career, Scott took up painting as a form of self-expression and soon found himself creating stunning pieces that reflect the immense and varied beauty of Canada. He has a deep love and connection to the landscape that surrounds him, and he strives to share this with others through his artwork.

He is fascinated by the way the light changes throughout the day and the seasons, and he strives to capture that in his work.

After experimenting with photography, he started painting with acrylics in 2020, but has since moved on to oil paints. His artworks allow him to explore color and composition in a more free-form way. He often starts with a general idea in mind, but allows the painting to evolve organically as he works.


This process always leads to interesting and unexpected results that he loves to share with his admirers.

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