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"Castle Mountain Sunset"

This beautiful original oil painting captures the stunning sunset over Castle Mountain, with a brilliant orange and yellow sky reflecting off the river below.

This piece displays a variety of styles and techniques, which result in a unique water effect below the towering mountain peak.

The warm dusk & sunset tones are emphasized, giving off a calming and peaceful feeling to my latest piece.

The original oil painting on canvas is available for purchase through my website, along with canvas wrap, rolled canvas & paper prints at; 48 x 24" (122 x 61cm) 36 x 18" (91.5 x 45.5cm) 24 x 12" (61 x 30.5cm) 📪 Free shipping in Canada! 📪 Free shipping over $500 purchase in US! 📪 Flat rate $25 shipping for prints in AUS!

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