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| Summer Sisters |

A new release in the art store!

60 x 36" summer time viewpoint in Canmore, Alberta of the iconic Three Sisters.

I had been searching for this viewpoint for a while as it's not advertised and there is no sign. At first, you have to hike along a dry river bed and the short trail comes off the rocky area. It then opens up to this beautiful open area, perfect for mountain reflections in the water below.

I stayed at this viewpoint for hours, waiting for sunset to hit the magnificent peaks.

I hope you enjoy my latest piece!

The original oil painting on canvas is available for purchase through my website, along with canvas wrap, rolled canvas & paper prints at;

60 x 36" (152 x 91cm)

45 x 27" (114 x 68.5cm)

30 x 18" (76 x 45.5cm)

📪 Free shipping in Canada!

📪 Free shipping over $500 purchase in US!

📪 Flat rate $25.00 shipping for prints in AUS!

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