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How Things Have Changed

Updated: May 31, 2023

I have spent the past 5.5 years exploring the magnificent Yukon Territory which has led me onto a life path that I never thought I would take!

In 2020, I picked up a paint brush & started *attempting* to paint some of my own photos. I realised that hey, maybe I can actually do this & the rest is now history!

The Yukon was such a life-changing adventure but all good things must come to an end & earlier in the spring, I made the move down south to Calgary. I am still in the process of being set up & bringing some new pieces to life. I can't wait to share with you my first Canadian Rockies piece within the next few weeks. With this huge life change, I am hoping to take my art further & further and this includes re-branding everything from Scalia Media to Scott Storey Art, which is a heap of work in itself. I hope you stick around to see how I progress! Scott


"Cathy's Sunset" Here is a 30" x 40" commission piece I finished before I made the move from the Yukon. Cathy is a great friend & this was based on the view from her beautiful lake house. I'm definitely going to miss these Yukon views!

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