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| PEYTO Lake Release |


If you've had the chance to visit the Canadian Rockies, you'd know that the landscape actually looks like this in real life.

Peyto Lake is a must-see place in Banff National Park and I loved painting this colourful piece. I was debating whether to go with a little snow on the mountain tops, but I'm glad I did as I feel it breaks up the colours a little.

I can't wait to explore more of the Canadian Rockies this summer!

The original oil painting on canvas is available for purchase through my website, along with canvas, paper & framed prints at 48" x 24", 36" x 18" & 24" x 12". 📪 Free shipping in Canada! 📪 Free shipping over $500 purchase in US! 📪 International prints available through your local printer

Contact me for pricing!


Watch my process from start to finish on YouTube!


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